Anonymous asked: Other than the announcement of that one new writer and some firings, has there been any new news about SNL?

Nope, nothing new has come out yet. Oh yeah, this isn’t official or anything so I don’t know if this is true, but a follower of mines told me that they might be changing the Grand Central Station set

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September is my favorite time of the year because it’s the start of the fall television season!

Bunny Bunny!

I’ve been watching these more recent episodes of The Simpsons and I’ve been finding that they’re pretty funny.  Of course when you compare them to the older eps from the 90s there will be a difference in quality with the older ones being better, but I do think that these new ones are still pretty funny too

I just really hope that NBC makes some announcements on SNL this week.  Probably not tomorrow since it’s a holiday, but I hope we know who’s hosting the season premiere sometime this week.

They’re going to air the Simpsons episode with Tina Fey doing the voice of that teacher at around 8 or 9 in the morning, so there is a good chance that I might miss it

Haha FXX is showing the Simpsons episode where they did the Game of Thrones parody opening

setherlymeyers asked: this is a random question, but how do you think SNL makes money? And is there a company/companies that benefits financially SNL?

Well, they make money for NBC, A LOT of money for NBC through ads. Sometimes they work them into the show (lots of TV shows use product placement, some can make them less noticeable) and if you ever notice, they run more ads when the show airs live than when the show is in reruns. Most advertisers most likely feel they can reach a lot of younger viewers through SNL.  For instance, last year Daft Punk announced their album “Random Access Memories” during a commercial break on SNL, that was the first place the ads ran was during SNL.   I remember reading somewhere that they made more money in their 90 minute time slot then all of the NBC Thursday night lineup did all of last season.  SNL is very profitable for NBC.

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mannytoodope asked: When does the new season of SNL start and who are the guest?

September 27th.  As for the host, we don’t know yet, but I would expect NBC to make that announcement either this week or next.

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